Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oil Painting Secrets from a Master

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By Linda Cateura (David Leffel)

This book is a classic you will probably have heard or read some praise for it. The "Master" is not Cateura, it is David Leffel. There are many beautiful still life, protrait, and figurative paintings shown and discussed. Leffel gives very strong, opinionated advice (maybe not "secrets", but worth reading.) The current edition is a 144 page paperback Watson-Guptill publication. The book has stood up fairly well since it was written in 1984; the advice did not become dated. My only concern is "what are those white splotches on his paintings?" I don't know if it is his style or just the plates that were produced at the time...

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Blogger Jeff said...

Great blog, James!

I have this book and actually read it again and again every so often. A really good read with lots of good information.

I don't know if you've reviewed this one or not, but Problem Solving for Oil Painters is another good one.

2/12/2007 3:00 PM  

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